Innova Coin
Innova Coin is an innovative and adaptive new age cryptocurrency that is available to everyone. It is easy to use, and utilizes an incredibly secure and actively developing program. Innova is unique because it is the best coin for the Masternode system, and offers a plethora of benefits to users and investors alike.
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    Wallets for devices
    Apps for IOS and Android
    Q2 2018
    • We will be building mobile wallets for iOS and Android devices. We plan to launch the official Innova apps for iOS and Android during Q1, so you can easily monitor and manage your Innova coins on the go. We are looking to make Innova Coin 100% mobile-friendly during this first quarter.
    • We have released mobile wallets for IOS and Android devices.
    Q3 2018
    • Improving the functionality of our wallets, which makes the structure and interface easier and better to operate in.
    • Innova team is launching a new exchange platform and will be presented during Q3.
    • White Paper will be presented during Q3.
    Q4 2018
    • Woocomerce integration: as the leading WordPress e-commerce platform, we plan to fully integrate Innova Coin with Woocommerce during Q4.
    • The Innova team launches a bounty campaign to allow Innova coin to expand and increase the possibility of being registered in multiple exchange platforms.
    Q1 2019
    • CoinPayments – Cryptocurrency payment platform. We plan to implement CoinPayments, a platform which allows seamless everyday payment transactions using Innova Coin.


    Long term goals
    • Innova team aims to create a P2P platform in the near future.
    • Changing from POW to POS: we plan to make the switch to POS, as it has numerous advantages over the POW system.
    • We are always looking for more exchanges and further innovative development of the coin as we believe this is the core of being able to expand the Innova coin.
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