Wallet out of sync fix guide

In Innovacoin, there has been a small chain split recently after around 9800 blocks. A few blocks became orphan and the main chain is still continuing. Some wallets are stuck at the wrong chain. If that is a masternode wallet it is not receiving rewards and if it is your local wallet you don't see latest transactions. The wallets on the wrong blockchain must be resynced.

The commands here are for wallets that have no UI. For your wallet with UI you run the command in Debug Console omitting "innova-cli". For example, instead of "innova-cli getinfo" just "getinfo".


How to find out if your wallet is on the wrong chain?
  • Check your wallet's current blockcount:

    innova-cli getblockcount

    Compare this on the current block count in explorer. Explorer is on the correct path and we constantly monitor it.
    If your blockcount is way behind, let's say dozens or even hundreds behind, then your wallet is on the wrong path and you have to fix it.

    Another clue is if you search your latest blockhash in explorer it won't exist there.

    To get blockhash run this command:

    innova-cli getblockhash <blockcount>

    Replace <blockcount> with actual block index number


How to resync wallet?
  • 1. Stop the wallet:

    innova-cli stop

  • 2. Start the wallet with -reindex param:

    innovad -reindex

    When you restart with -reindex the wallet gets pretty busy, leave it for some time.

    Monitor your wallet's current blockcount with the first command given above (innova-cli getblockcount). Make sure it is synced to the blockcount on explorer.

    Note, from now on the guide is concerned with only masternode wallets that got behind.

  • 3. Start the masternode from your local wallet with "start alias"

    Now your masternode status should be PRE_ENABLED.

    Go through the masternode troubleshooting guide just in case.


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